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The Anthem Difference

All fiber networks are not the same. Other providers settle for installing a cheaper GPON network which is a point-to-multipoint access network. Put simply, they take a single line from the distribution point and split it out to multiple locations, with as many as 32 homes on one line. So, you may pay for 1 gig connection, but you’re really sharing that connection with up to 31 of your neighbors. You only get a 1 gig connection if you are the only one online.

Anthem broadband utilizes high quality Active Ethernet (Active E), a point-to-point internet connection. This means you have a dedicated fiber line from your home all the way to the switch. By having a dedicated line, you don’t experience fluctuations in speed. You get a direct, dedicated connection and the speed you pay for.

The fiber line that connects to your home must be connected to “the world wide web.” To save cost, other providers utilize a single line that goes to a single server. If that line goes down, so does your connection.

Anthem broadband utilizes redundant paths and multiple servers. So, if one line goes down, your service is automatically rerouted to another line, and you don’t lose connection. At Anthem, we even take this a step further by also including redundant local service paths in town.


Others may offer lower upfront pricing, but read the fine print - there’s a lot of it! Your price will go up after the promotional period. You’ll have to “rent” your router for an extra monthly cost, and you’ll pay extra per month for managed Wi-Fi. Put plainly, the monthly price advertised is not the price you will pay. Our pricing is upfront, honest and all-inclusive.

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